Quality First, Price Second

It’s never too late to reflect on the idea of quality versus price in consumer products, especially when the hectic shopping season approaches. The finding of some studies across the web and in academia that perceived quality and actual quality both ranked near the top of the importance list is not surprising and this is what I will be talking about in this post.

There aren’t lately a lot of clothing and footwear companies that have enter new territories when it comes to product quality. In-house repar has become a service offered by these companies in order to encourage customers to fix their damaged items as it will save these items from being thrown in the garbage. Another more creative activity which other companies have begun to adopt is to resell old, used items. By cancelling this culture of getting rid of an item after it’s worn for a period of time, these companies have inspired their customers with a sense of recycle and renew that draws attention to the quality side of their business. In this context, being “old” is a value which customers of these companies praise and are proud of telling.


Matt LaBarge, a Store Manager at Happy Feet Plus store in Clearwater, FL, told the story of a customer which have bought a pair of Finn Comfort footwear in 1998 and which returned in the spring of 2013. This customer was there to ask for a resole for his 15 years old Finns. The Store Manager was a bit skeptical because of the relative freshness of this customer’s shoes which looked to be no more than six months to a year old only. What was more surprising is that it was only the third resole that this customer was about to buy since he bought them from HappyFeet 15 years ago. He also added that there was no need for special care other than just the occasional polish.

Many shoes stores are offering in-house repair service for footwear brands like Finn Comfort and Birkenstock. This is an indication that these brands produce quality shoes as most of the parts of these shoes stay intact. In many cases, purchasing a pair of expensive,quality shoes, which you can repair after years, ends up ends up with a lower cost than three medium quality shoes.