Invicta Pro Diver Watches

The Invicta Pro Diver is the name of a collection by the American watchmaker having in mind to produce watches designed for sea divers and water sports fans. As for all respected diver watches, Invicta Pro Diver timepieces are capable to endure being submerged deep in the sea and has a high water resistance which is 200 meters.
While the very high price of the Rolex Submariner is what holds many watches fans and collectors, the Invicta Pro Diver watches are here to make the dream come true (nearly). These watches are an inexpensive alternative of the Submariner which you can’t tell difference while standing far from the wearer’s wrist. And this is not a very poor copy of the Rolex but a decent copy that, when considering the price, is a real success.


Invicta Pro Diver Design

Let’s start with the Bezel. The Unidirectional bezels are another specialty of the diver watch as they are designed to count elapsed time as well as time remaining which is very important for divers when they are underwater and must get out of it after a specific duration. It’s useful to take a look at the bezel markers every five minutes so that you can be aware of the elapsed time. Why unidirectional? One of the main reasons is that in the case the bezel has rotated accidentally, the duration counted will only be longer than what is really and which is an intelligent security feature.
Invicta is famous for its flame-fusion crystal with which most of its watches are equipped. In order to be protected from scratch and shatter, the Pro Diver watches use either this one or the sapphire coated crystals while some cheap models from the same collection are equipped with mineral crystal also shatter proof but are lower in terms of protection compared to flame-fusion and sapphire crystals.
Most of Invicta Pro Diver watches are made of stainless steel both the level of the case as well as the band. The stainless steel is a corrosion resistant material which is important to resist salt water. On other Pro Diver models, you find a rubber band also called polyurethane strap and that also has some positive features like endurance and firmitude.

Pro Diver’s Water Resistance

When you talk about divers watch you implicitly mean water resistant. In order to be labelled as such, a good divers watch must be capable of enduring submersion between 660 to 980 ft. Even though you don’t intend to go as deep as 660 feet in water, this figure is imperative in order to be certified water resistant because watchmakers test for resistance is done in static water environment. This is why it’s crucial to raise the water resistance to that level because in reality conditions are more extreme than in a regular test environment. To produce a watch which resists 660 ft. as well as difficult conditions, the whole structure must be solid and capable to endure intense pressure.


Screw Down Crown

The screw down crown is common feature of the majority of Invicta Pro Diver watches. This is another feature related to water resistance as it provides resistance against water infiltration inside the watch. In order to function as it should, the screw down crown should be tightly screw down before getting in water. On many Invicta watches, the water resistance is not active if the crown is not screw down and the warranty will void.


I think the Pro Diver will remain the most popular Invicta collection of all. It has all the ingredients of a decent watch, a nice design, not so big only 40mm wide in case, 200m water resistant, many watches in the collection are equipped with a Swiss automatic movement which makes the watch independent of a battery and finally a low price at such point that you can even find a new Pro Diver for under $80.