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Ceramic Heaters Vs Infrared Heaters

space-heatersSpace heaters have provided an alternative option to the expensive forms of gas or oil heaters used in many households for air conditioning. They are more affordable and are equally as comfortable as the larger central heating systems.

The two most popular types of space heaters are; infrared heaters and ceramic heaters. These appliances contain thermostats that enable them to self-regulate their heating temperature, thus using less energy in their operation saving on utility bills. They both operate on the principle of converting electrical energy into heat but have their own distinguishing features.

Infrared heaters are unique in design as they do not use convection nor do they blow out air, instead they emit radiation in the form of waves. The huge benefit of these heaters is that the radiated heat isn’t dependent on the air in the room or any medium in front of them. The units lack fans or moving internal parts giving it a quiet operation. It is also easy to maintain.

The heat produced by infrared heaters can easily traverse the distance between them and the user, which negates the feeling of drafts. This feature makes infrared heaters a great option for fast, targeting heating especially for a small room or office where the user will keep to one spot.

Ceramic heaters operate using air convection principles. This unit uses electricity to heat up the center of a ceramic core and then an electrically powered fan blows the heated air from the vicinity of the core out and into space or room.
Since the heat produced by Ceramic heaters travels with the air currents heating up the entire space, they are ideal for use where the occupant will be moving around often. These units are not designed to heat up a specific spot in rooms or spaces.

The ceramic heaters and infrared heaters are both less expensive compared to traditional space heating systems, so the choice of which space heater to use will solely depend on factors unique to your home. These factors include; prices for electrical utility use in your area, insulation in your home, and the area of space to be heated.

These factors will also determine the design features preferred in the heater you choose such as its safety features, heating capacity, power rating, cost, portability, and durable body design. These factors and features should act as a guide to what type of space heater to purchase.

Best Household Cooling Fans

As we’re at the middle of spring, you can hardly say when the heat wave will reach your home. So thinking about acquiring one of the bellow type of fans will get your prepared.

The first two things you’ll need to think about are the space required for the fan and design of this one. Most people who have a very small floor space and care about their interior design usually opt for a sleek tower fan that doesn’t require much space to fit in. Although traditional round blade fans can work for a rustic or classic retro look, their size is a problem for many small rooms. There is another exceptional category which that of the bladeless, noise free Dyson fans and which I will talk about in a moment.

Also keep in mind that it’s not that you like the design of a fan that it is the best choice to make. Your room size is also a crucial parameter as a mini tower fan or a desk fan can do the job without having to spend more dollars on a pedestal fan or floor fan that are destined to be used in larger spaces.

Other features and specifications are also important to take into consideration like speed settings and adjustment options, so please read carefully and think about these whether they are relevant to your situation or not.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link™ Fan Heater Air Purifier, White/Silver

dyson bladeless

The carefully conceived Dyson’s Pure Hot + Cool Link is made to both cool your room, and heat it as well. On top of that this bladeless fan work also as an air purifier. This makes a device that could be used throughout the whole year.

Other features:

  • Speeds up to 2100rpm
  • Remote control – full control from anywhere in your room
  • One touch oscillation control
  • Pivots on its own center of gravity, staying put without clamping
  • Bladeless – no fast-spinning blades or visible heating elements
  • Minimal design makes it super easy to clean

Swan Retro 12-inch Desk Fan

Swan-Retro-12-inch-Desk-FanThis Swan fan is ideal for retro look lovers. The goldish color adds an even more interesting retro look that will fit in many situations without taking a lot of space that a pedestal fan would.

Features :

  • 3 Speed settings
  • Air flow: 38m3/H
  • Oscillation function
  • Adjustable tilt
  • Diameter: 12 inches

Judge 3 Speed Pedestal Fan

judge fan

  • Sits on a sturdy base and has a 16″/40cm diameter five fin fan.
  • Ideal for cooling rooms or conservatories and is fully adjustable in both height and fan angle. For a wider cooling range this pedestal fan also has an oscillating option.
  • Simple to use controls include on/off buttons and speed buttons. There’s also a handy timer which can be set from 10 to 60 minutes after which the fan automatically turns off.

Dimplex DXMBCF Black Tower Fantower-fan

This is one of the slimmest and sleekest tower fans in the market. As it is clear by its design, this Dimplex tower fan won’t take much space in your room and will cover a large area thanks to its automatic oscillation that emits a wide airflow. It comes with a remote control with an easy-to-read LED display.

How to Evaluate Vacuum Sealers

Big supermarkets are no longer the only ones who uses vacuum sealers to keep their food safe. With the advent of technology, especially when it comes to home appliances, many manufacturers have succeeded in creating a a small food sealer in the size of printer that can get inside any average kitchen. Many people are not yet aware that these food saving machines exist. Whether it’s for extending the life of your food or saving your dinner leftovers, vacuum sealers are adds a real value to the modern kitchen.


A vacuum sealing system works by removing air from the bag in which food is put. Less oxygen in the package contributes to the preservation of the freshness of it and limits bacterial growth which could result in spoiling your food. The best vacuum sealer will help you food in bulk fast and with easy. The more a food saver can draw air, the better it is for extending the life of your preserved food. It’s calculated that sealing food with these type of devices would triple the duration which you can leave your food before using it. After sealing it, all you have to do is to find a place for it in your freezer. That way you would have saved food and also money.
I think that you’re starting to consider buying a vacuum sealer. But there’s still a somethings to take in consideration. Because of the great amount of models out there, choosing the best vacuum sealer is not an easy task. I’ve chosen for you some key characteristics to look for in order to pick the on that suits best.

I would like first to thank for the great info.

Sealer’s Type

First, type is an important point to examine when looking for the best vacuum sealer. By type, I essentially mean the purpose which the vacuum sealing system is designed for. Vacuum sealers are not all designed for the same tasks. You find some models which are best for fruits and vegetables and others which are best for meat. You can also find vacuum sealers which you can use also to save jewelry or other previous stuff. So when the brand is well-known and claims to fulfill all these tasks, all you have to do is check some customers reviews to verify if it’s true and get your credit card out.


The second thing you must consider when buying a vacuum sealer is the portability. This would depend on your needs. But if you care much about getting the lower carbon footprint, then you may consider a handheld vacuum sealer. Nevertheless, you should be aware that generally, portable and lightweight sealers are not the best in terms of performance and are not the most durable. The alternative is of course not a sealer of the size of a fridge, which will of course be annoying, but there are vacuum sealers which are medium in size and will perform tasks quickly and effectively and will last very long.

Sealing Mechanism

The last thing you must pay attention to is the the sealing mechanism. This is usually explicitly mentioned in the product’s features. A good vacuum sealer will have a quality heating bar. In addition to strength, in order to nicely seal food, these devices are equipped with heating bars featuring silicone frames. Cheap vacuum sealers usually have a weakly made sealing mechanism, so make sure to look at reviews and examine features closely.

I hope this article will make your journey to the best vacuum sealer easier. Don’t forget to share the post with you friends, sharing is caring.

Dehumidifiers to Fight Mold

Many people have installed a dehumidifier in their home as they have felt the need for it to relieve their health pain. Dehumidifiers are designed to remove moisture found indoor. Because excessive levels of moisture inside homes causes mold to grow in certain part of the house, this constitutes a big threat for many people especially the weaker ones like babies and old people. Excessive moisture could also result in aggravating allergies and triggering asthma attacks which in certain cases could threaten sufferers lives. This is why dehumidifiers have become popular lately as people have become more aware of high humidity levels danger.

Dehumidifiers condensate the air and collects excess of moisture by stocking it in a water tank. The water tank or bucket should be emptied every time it reaches the maximum container capacity or else the dehumidifier will stop doing its job. Another option is possible in certain dehumidifiers models and which allows the unit to run continuously without interruption using a drain hose. The drain hose works like the one of the washing machine and let water pass through it so that the water bucket is not needed and therefore not emptying is needed. The air circulating in a room has a humidity level and it´s a dehumidifier that works to suction this air, removes its moisture and get it back to the room. It´s important to know that windows should be closed in order to get a better dehumidifying experience. Air conditioners could also dehumidify the air, but not as effectively as a dehumidifier as it´s specially made for this task.

Dehumidifiers are mainly used in parts of the house where water is being used most like bathrooms and kitchens. Basements are also a place where dehumidifiers are used as it´s a place where dampness is found. Moisture is found in buildings and houses where there are plumbing systems which weren’t properly designed or installed. Fixing plumbing is also a way to avoid having moisture indoor.
There are different sizes of dehumidifiers. These sizes vary according to the capacity of dehumidifying per day. This capacity is measured in pints per 24 hour. You find on the market 10 to 95 pints humidifiers and which the price increases as capacity does. Drain Power, tank capacity and Energy Efficiency are all characteristics which are worth considering when reading a review on a dehumidifier. In order to know which capacity is enough for you, you have to measure the square footage and check the condition of the room you want to dehumidify. After this step you can use a dehumidifiers sizing chart which will help you find in which category your room falls.

Don´t forget to check the warranty of the dehumidifier after purchasing it so that you don´t expire it unwillingly. Also it´s important to know the the water collected in the dehumidifier´s bucket is not for drink.

Germguardian AC4825 Review

Germguardian AC4826 is an air purifier ideal for getting dealing with particles found in the air of your home such as household dust, pet dander, mold spores and plant pollen. The AC4825 is 3-in-1 air cleaning system, which I will explain later in this review, is equipped with various technologies like HEPA Filter, UV-C and a carbon filter. All these technologies are here to improve the air quality of modern homes and is also a nice idea for dusty work environment even if you aren’t an allergy sufferer. This unit is also capable of reducing bad odors in your home.


The Air Cleaning Process

The Germguardian AC4825 work to clean the air via a superposition of filters (Charcoal Filter, HEPA and UV-C). The air enters from the back of the unit and is sent after being cleaned to get out from the front all in three major steps.
First, a charcoal filter and pre-filter works to catch large particles like lint and dust, as well as to reduce household odors such as smoke and cooking.
Then, the HEPA Filters captures particles like plant pollen, pet dander and dust mites. According to Guardian Technologies, the HEPA FIlter is capable of capturing 99.97% of airborne pollutants. The HEPA filtration system is recommended by doctors (to reduce exposure to indoor asthma triggers) according to the American Academy of Pediatrics Allergy & Immunology.
Finally, Ultraviolet Light (UV-C) comes in to play to get rid of airborne viriuses and bacteria. The UV-C option could be turn ON and OFF via a button anytime. When it’s turned on, a blue led light up so that you could know it’s running.
The Germguardian AC4826 comes with a A manual where it shows y how to replace the filter and the bulb as well as warranty information. It’s also recommended by Guardian Technologies to replace the filters only by genuine ones to ensure the best performance of the unit.

Reasons to get a Germguardian

The Germguardian is a good technological piece which is destined for people having cats from which make them sneezing and having water in their eyes and also for people wanting to reduce odors such as smoking and cooking. Additionally, the price of the AC4825 is really cheap when comparing it to to many other air purifies which are more expensive ( 300 or 400 bucks), especially when considering the cost of replacing filter in the case of other air cleaning system when you have to change them every two months. This Germguardian’s filters in the other hand should only be replaced every 6 month to ensure that the unit is running at an optimal level.

Festool Dust Extractors

In every workshop there are dangers that vary in level and also in clearness. Woodworking is a field where you can find both, the danger of being cut by a tool or a machine and also that of getting a respiratory condition like the Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) because of dust. Dust is a silent enemy that, as time goes by, could lead to serious problems. The rise of dust collection systems in the market is a clear sign of awareness when it comes to dust related risks. Now the competition of these woodworking machines is on the level of how fast you catch these particles, as well as how much clean a workshop could get. On a daily basis, the cleaning system must perform its task at optimal level to achieve the goal of healthy environment. Previously a Shopvac was the utlimate idea, now we talk about Dust Collection System or in Festool’s jargon, a Dust Extractor. Festool Dust Extractors are these small units (compared to how big a ShopVac is) are capable of execute the dust collection task almost perfectly. Before dust even appear it has already found a place to go. Festool Dust Extractors connects to the power tool before it starts to work. In that way, dust is caught before it propagates in the workshop. This is a great news for woodworkers. Not only a dust free workshop is good for your health, but it’s also good for your business. Clients would also appreciate a clean wood workshop. Also, a dust free workshop is good for productivity. Festool Dust Extractors have received good reviews on the overall, especially the CT26 which is the most popular one. There are other smaller versions like the CT MINI and The CT MIDI which are a $100 less. Festool Dust Extractors are certainly not the cheapest tools you will have on your shop, but it’s one of the most important ones to have.